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Fashion Designer Studio


Extensive Experience

We realize the printing
according to the image in your mind.

Realisation: Services

Extensive Experience

Louis AHA is a leader in design and print color communications systems. Our primary solution, The AHA design-print lab, empowers designers, provides accurate color communication system to work. 

Effects pigments have applications in traditional printing techniques like gravure and screen printing as well as in the new print technologies AHA design-print lab.

High-quality printing – in fabrics or on the product itself – make products stand out from the competition. Print technologies have an enormous range of possibilities:  textiles, wallpaper, decor, and paper goods , to name a few. We have the technological expertise to bring your print vision to life.

  • Advanced Digital Print Advantage

  • Creativity

  • no design limitations  Freedom of design  / shade gradation / 3D effects  / photo realistic designs.

  • Flexibility

  • manage fragmentation Sampling,  

  • short runs and production on the same equipment / no repeat size limitations / scalability

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